Today, blended families, (ones with different races) are common. A few decades ago they were not. With that being said, the 1986 made for television movie, A Fight for Jenny, highlight this issue. More information is written below.

The Problem

Kelsi, a single mother, and her daughter, Jenny, are white. Things get complicated when she marries her black boyfriend David. Her ex-husband, Ben, thought it was a bad decision for his daughter. To be specific, Ben thought the Kelsi’s marriage would cause Jenny to be ridiculed by her peers. In other words, the social status of Kelsi and David’s marriage would have been too much for Jenny, according to Ben. He filled for full custody and won, Kelsi and David appeal the case and lost on those grounds. The case eventually went to the U.S. Supreme Court and the decision of the lower court was upheld.

Why Race should not Matter



David and Kelsi did nothing wrong

David and Kelsi did nothing wrong. The only thing they were guilty of, is loving one another. There is no law against two people of a different race marrying.

It promotes Racism

In my opinion, this promotes racism. David was not judge by his character, but his race instead. It did not matter that he worked a full time job or treated Jenny like his own child, the only thing that was taken into consideration was is skin color.

Jenny didn’t notice

David and Jenny had a good relationship; they were like father and daughter. To Jenny, David was, David. She did see a black man, she saw a person that treated her well.


In conclusion, A Fight for Jenny, proved that the United States did not make much progress since 1967, the year interracial marriage become legal in the south.

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