I don’t want to go at lengths how people earn money online and how much spammers make per hour just by posting rubbish and lies.
After all, the politicians and yellow press are masters in those fields…
I will not even name a guy who did this.
Some time ago, at the very beginning of this month a guy was robbed of his social and media accounts online, but what was the most puzzling, he took it overly dramatic that some people even asked is he being for real.
I mean, he did lose a few accounts, some privacy and some miniature income which he gathered mostly from the videos, but that as not a reason for such an outraged reaction.
Instead of reporting these perps to official representatives of those platforms where he had accounts and uploading his content to another account, he decided not to use them ever again and to completely leave the internet, again – overly dramatic.
I was wondering why he is so much into that idea of overly dramatizing the whole thing. It is not the end of a world. Why do you bother with somebody who laughs at your lifestyle, yourself, your habits… if that is some random unknown person you never met?
Why should it be so important for him?
Then I found out him and his friend made a go fund me account and they seek 10 000 USD to ease the pain…

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