It’s almost summer time in many places and what’s a great way to start off the summer? How about with a writing contest? Many of you may remember the contests we had on several occasions so we decided to bring it back. In previous contests normally the judges (@kisser and I) would pick a topic that could be written for the contest. This time around we will just pick a theme. So the theme of this contest is Summer Time

Summer Time contest

What can be written for the summer time contest? The option is yours as long it pertains to summer or summer time. You could write about your favorite summer time activities or summer foods. Normally we only ask for 200 words in order to submit an article here at EliteWriters but with this contest, we want to see at least 300 words or more. I will be looking for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes so please be careful in these areas. I would suggest using something like Grammarly to help with these mistakes. It’s free to download and use. 

How is the winner chosen and what is the prize?

The summer time contest winner will be paid $5 from PayPal. ~picture courtesy of Pixabay

I’m sure everyone is excited to know how the winner is chosen and what the prize will be. As I mentioned above I will be checking to see if you wrote 300 words or more. The post must be error free when it comes to grammar and spelling. The winner of the contest will be chosen by how many views on the article itself. So now is the time to use the share buttons in as many places as you can. Remember only unique views will be counted. The prize will be $5 paid directly to your PayPal account after we have selected a winner. 


How long is the contest?

This contest will only be around for a short period of time so you have two weeks from today to submit an article for this contest. Good luck to everyone. 




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