An ideal  birdbath which attracts birds will always be  seen in well appointed gardens.  Many a time there is no water available for birds in the vicinity and therefore a birdbath in a garden will help them quench their thirst and also frolic around.  An ideal birdbath should have the following features.

The birdbath should be mounted on a post and atleast be around four or five feet above the ground level

The bath basin should be tapered between 6 to 0 inches so that all sized birds can safely bathe in it. The small birds will only bathe and frolic at the edges.

A diameter of around 6 feet would be large enough for medium sized birds to bathe, as large birds such as peacocks will not bathe in birdbaths. babybirds1



Water in the birdbath should be changed every week and the birdbath kept clean. Birds will not come if the water is dirty.

It should be installed away from public view as no bird will come to the birdbath if they see people passing by often.

There should be enough shade as their normal time is in the afternoon. They do not like the afternoon sun.

There should be some fruit trees in the vicinity as they will visit a birdbath if they get to eat something after their bath. They feel hungry with that exertion.


It should be surrounded by greenery, preferably  a few medium sized  tree bushes for them to  perch to preen their feathers which they normally do after they have spent some time in the bird bath No branch of the trees should be directly above the birdbath as the bird droppings will dirty the water.

A vigil needs to be kept for any  cats approaching the birdbath as that is the place where cats can easily catch them.

Birds cannot leave a statue alone and providing one such artifact will be a good idea.



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