It is nothing new that researchers every now and then find some sort of an archaeological evidence for this or that. It is important to understand that not and every discovery is a valid one and many expected to be a real bomb, convert into a cold turd and a nice tackle without much of an essence to bare.

BGR News report that the researchers discovered a concrete evidence of an apocalyptic catastrophe that changed a future of the humans.

During the Younger Dryas, a comet strike sent the Earth into a mini ice age that lasted over a couple hundred years.

A climate drastically changed and many small human settlements were forced to bond in bigger groups forming bigger groups of humans.



The stone carvings found in today’s Turkey witness of this cataclysmic event and scientist imply they have a huge historical meaning.

Out of a pure necessity, humans bonded closer forming a base for the civilization and developing the first cultural advantages, the agriculture.

With the beginnings of the agriculture, humans started to harvest and tend animals for own food production and were less dependent on the uncertainty of the hunting and fishing.

The idea that such a vast event, as a comet impact can change a human history so deeply is both interesting but also frightening.

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