An extra concentration of the oxygen can be dangerous and even lethal to the humans. But, there is one interesting thing that can be explored a little bit further. Under a certain atmospheric pressure with an exact percentage of the oxygen in the air that we breath, all animal species and plant  life suddenly grows faster, bigger and healthier.

It is also tested on humans, who were put to these conditions for the sake of their  jobs, that the entire health picture after the oxygen saturation is getting extremely super inflated.


That means if somebody puts you into a bar chamber and boost your blood plasma with additional oxygen, your cells will regenerate.



And if these conditions are permanent, you will live longer and healthier.

What a mess… This led to a belief that some time  during our long evolution our atmosphere was saturated with the oxygen in much larger percentage than today. We miss a few percentages.

But, that  is not the only thing that researchers speculate. They developed a theory of the forests of the giant trees once present during the ancient times and after, destroyed in the mysterious huge super -fire.

The remaining stems of these ancient trees are so huge that, some people believe, are mistaken for the mountains.

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