Here we lie in broken dreams, the crosses of our times, our lives, recent memories to future lives, we could not know, the simple poisons cruising through our veins.

Angels covered in diamonds flying close to the sun, their eyes blinded by heresy, one night of sin, captured in silent jubilation by the universe singing in joyous songs.

The fall leaves covered the ground, like golden snow flakes, baked by the glowing golden orb, silenting the spirits, dream in brillant colors, titan fellows dancing in the brillance of the stars, a golden era, titans falling into madness, crying, reaching out, finding the scraps of broken lives.

The fates, olden, dying, crying there in the midnight darkness, their lives disappearing into the madness, swept into the sea of life, mindless wonders in endless possibilities.



We were young, dumb, flying high above the scene, our closed hard against the scene, our arms reaching out for godless whores in satin sheets.

Grok! Naked bodies intertwined in forbidden love, that last blast of passion killing their lives.

In dreams, we confessed our loves, our hates, our lives, our minds joined as one, soul treks through better lands, from the bitter waters, sweet dreams, clouded eyes, distant lies, still burned into the brain, hatred, fires burn.

Golden fields, copulation, in that serene moment, just before light, broken dawn, refrain, music in the ears, bringing back memories, good, bad,indifferent, tears drifting into the universe, pooling in the heart.

Would death’s kiss be as sweet as that broken whore?

Would thou not see better without that barb wire used as a blind fold from an angry firing squad?


Thou not know that wicked of madness which kills the soul, that cannot be rebuilt, no matter the time.

Why, screams into the darkess, blade against the wrists, into the mind, it does cut, into rotting dying flesh.

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