Another one bites the dust. It seems everyone keeps dying off on me I just got word that my closest uncle passed away in his sleep. At least it was a peaceful end to his life. I give thanks for that. There seems to be a shortage of family and friends these days. It makes me apprehensive about the future. Maybe even a little scared.
I remember when my grandfather died. I drank heavily that night and then woke my father in his home crying profusely. The thought of losing him one day was more than I could bear.
Now, in the present I worry so much about my mother. She is not well and some nights leave me without sleep and filled with dread. The last time she was in the hospital some four years ago, I made a deal with God for a certain amount of time before the final day. The time draws near only 19 months away.

My prayer is always the same each day, for us to have our time together.
Today, I pray for my cousin who has lost her father. I pray for me and mom while I ponder all the questions of life and death. Always I think that this six shooter called life has so few bullets left to shoot. All that will be left is a trail of smoke and a distant memory when the last one bites the dust.

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