It is interesting how things develop during the day and when it is time to go to bed there is a strange and supernatural power that makes your body stand still and you remain where you just are. Does your body really know when it is time to go to bed? This is a question I still need to focus on but I do have an idea of what to do and I never thought assistance would be one thing I should consider be looking for.

For sure our body knows what should be done to have a good rest and also recover from a hard day of work. The thing is that the world got into a crazy whirl and everyone is so intensely overloaded with work and problems that one can’t process consciously what to do next. That is when the instincts take over to protect our lives from collapsing.

These past four weeks I experienced this situation. I could not go to sleep the time I was used to and kept awake doing something. Some days I was reading, the other day I was crafting or knitting, but I didn’t go to bed the time I wanted to. I knew there was something wrong, but what? That was when I looked for medical assistance and could understand deeply the situation.

After some visits to the doctor and also a series of medical exams I finally understood what was going on and could sleep better afterwards. I never felt so impotent and powerless before life when not know what to do. I thought I knew as I stated at the beginning of this article, but I was wrong. Everything has a cause and I should go for the cause and kill it. That was what I did and from this time on I feel much better.




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