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Priming The Pump

When I was a child three of my grandparents were still on this side. My paternal grandparents lived on a farm close to Richardsville, Kentucky, and my maternal grandpa lived on a farm in the village of Cunot, Indiana — a place that, at one time, had its own post office but was now on the route covered by Cloverdale, Indiana. There were some people further south that were on the Poland, Indiana mail route. But this isn’t about mail routes. I was just giving you that info so that you could find the general locations on maps. Anyway, there were pumps at both places. The way you got water out of the well (Kentucky) or cistern (Indiana) was to move the pump handle up and down until it forced the water up the pipe high enough to get it to come out the spout. When it was working, it was always wise to take out extra water for those times when it wasn’t. This would be used to prime the pump — that is, to pour water down the top of the pump to remind the pump that it was supposed to be bringing up water. This, of course, was during those times when the water-level was running low. Somehow, this always seemed to work. Anyway, I came over to find out that my account was now considered...

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It’s October Again — And (As Of This Writing) Will Be For The Next 18 Days…

I love this time of year — and have even before becoming friends with the amazing Larry “The CanMan” Van Ness back in October of 2013. Speaking of Larry…I have some updates on him: At this time, he’s almost halfway to getting to his 13,000,000 tab saved for Ronald McDonald House Of Indiana since he began doing this back in 2003! If (and I believe he WILL) gets to that goal before the end of 2016, this will be the first time that he has reached one of his million goals twice in one year.  He got to his 12,000,000th this past July 12. On his next birthday (February 17, 2017), he’ll be 70 years young! He was on WTHR-13 earlier this year on a segment of Only In Indiana with reporter, Kevin Rader.  CLICK HERE to watch this video — and you’ll better understand why I’m far from being alone in thinking that this is one really amazing guy! Anyway, this time of year has a lot going on.  If you visit CHRISTI here  (as I did when I arrived here today) you’ll find out that this month is chock-full of lots of really neat special days and things to do. This is also the month when we celebrate Poetry Day & Poetry Month here in Indiana and other places, too.  I’ve found all kinds of information on this, where...

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Napoleon XIV — I’m Learning More About You!!!

Back when I was in 8th Grade (1966-67), I first heard a song called They’re Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa! by some character who went by Napoleon XIV. It was one of those songs known as a one-hit wonder — and I assumed that this was exactly what it was. The B-side of the recording was this chanting number being played backwards. Today, I was planning on having another pleasant day visiting in my hometown of Anderson, Indiana USA — and, over all, it HAS been.  Will tell you more about that later (the nice parts). However, I found out early that one or more people have been trying to stir up some drama — and I’ll say no more about that (at this time, anyway) other than please send prayers. As people know, I often like to illustrate/embellish my posts with fitting tunes.  This also includes just sharing what I happen to be listening to at one time or another. In this case, I ended a Tweet by saying that I hoped that there would be no more drama — and decided to illustrate it with a recording of the one-hit wonder being played in reverse. Anyway, when I went to YouTube and picked that up, I was surprised to find out that this Napoleon character had actually come up with some other goofy songs — and this...

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Kelly Ripa Becomes The Latest Zombie Of ADville And/Or NUTTYville!

First, it was Betty White. Then, I found out that this had happened to Celine Dion a few years back when one of those flashbacks at Facebook took me back to a post on my Timeline from so many years ago on the current day. Now, it’s Kelly Ripa. Maybe, I’m not making any sense to you (not uncommon, from what I understand) — or, perhaps, you already read me loud-and-clear. To those who have no idea re: to what I refer: This is about the making of celebrities into zombies — as with Mark Twain.  The latter put it so well when he responded that rumors of his death had been greatly exaggerated. A few minutes ago, I saw an ad to the right-hand side of a page at Facebook that implied that Kelly Ripa had passed away tragically.  Having had the same thing happen with Betty White not long ago, I didn’t even investigate.  With Betty, I had actually clicked on the link to be taken to some place where somebody (or some bot-y) was hoping to sell me something. With Kelly, I simply did a Google search for her and found enough information to decide that she was no more ready for her funeral than I was for mine. With Celine Dion, I was fooled for a little bit longer, because I had forgotten that I...

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