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Good to be back here and talk about our garden

I have been away for months and am happy to be back and hope to write great articles here. Our garden will be focussed on to begin with. Let me start with a bit of what is happening in my garden.  Lots of things have happened.  The most satisfying thing is that we got a bumper crop of mangoes that were relished by one and all. We even sold a few. When there is demand for the produce that adds a spring in my step. I hope I will have a repeat of this next year as well. It pouring here as it is the rainy season.  As long as there is no thunder lightning I welcome rains. It feels good to stay home and have a session with my computer that can last for hours. We will be starting with sowing seeds for seasonal flowers. We have a big collection of seeds that were given to us.  The bed is ready. We are wating for rains to subside a bit so that we can start sowing. Last year our seasonal flowers did not do well except the marigolds.  We did not have marigolds of the kind I always wanted but last year they did bloom. We are sowing the seeds that we collected from that crop and hope to see results this year as well. One thing good...

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Silver lining in every cloud

There have been several events in my life that has taught me that every cloud has a silver lining. But this particular happening my life I could say it was the mother of all events. It was on July 19, 2015 that I experienced a mini tornado the first I ever experienced. I was on my pc when I heard a big sound that resembled a bulldozer in action. I did not go out then. I was evening time. When I visited the site the next morning, I could believe my eyes  There was devastation of the worst kind....

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Solution to solid garbage management

The garbage turnover in a day be it wet, dry or solid is mind boggling. Solution to solid garbage management is a an issue that needs to be tackled on a war footing before it becomes unmanageable. The constant upgrades of gadgets pile up discarded gadgets that are of no use. Same with those that need repair. There are no spare parts available for old models and they too stare at us not knowing what to do with them. There are a few companies that try to retrieve some parts that could be utilised for re-assembling but this is a very...

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An ideal birdbath in gardens

An ideal  birdbath which attracts birds will always be  seen in well appointed gardens.  Many a time there is no water available for birds in the vicinity and therefore a birdbath in a garden will help them quench their thirst and also frolic around.  An ideal birdbath should have the following features. The birdbath should be mounted on a post and atleast be around four or five feet above the ground level The bath basin should be tapered between 6 to 0 inches so that all sized birds can safely bathe in it. The small birds will only bathe and...

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Mornings are beautiful

I am a morning person. Mornings for me are beautiful. After a good night’s rest the brain gets the rest it requires and is ready for yet another day to take care of whatever is in store for the day. I am an early riser. I am up around 5 in the morning every day. After a warm cup of tea I log on to my computer and work there for a while. My garden beckons me. I stroll in the garden looking at every single plant, every single tree and every single flower. There is always something new...

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