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Our Journey has come to an End of the road

When we first started this journey of creating this website both Kisser and I had wanted to create a place where people can come and write without having to worry about any issues or problems. We have overcome many different obstacles since we opened in 2015 but one thing that we were never able to get past is that people never trusted us. We have paid many people that stuck with us throughout the years. We are grateful for those that did stick with us.  Nothing lasts forever no matter what it is. People change or end up busy...

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Planning a trip overseas

Planning a trip overseas can be a fun and exciting thing to do but it can also become a chore if a person has never done it before. There are many things to take into consideration when planning such a trip. The person has to think about where they are going. How are they going to get there?  It is always good to know ahead of time what is needed in order to go to that country? Some countries require VISAs of some sort before they will allow anyone into their country. I know here in the US (United...

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Feeling a little nostalgic

From time to time a person may start feeling a little nostalgic. They may do certain things to hang onto past memories to keep them fresh in their minds. Some may even see things that remind them of their past such as a movie, an old friend, old pictures, or even old articles. Facebook brings nostalgia (nostalgic) to life Many don’t know about the little suggestions that Facebook makes. It’s really a nostalgic memory for a lot of its users. Sure there are some things that we all want to forget but sometimes Facebook reminds us of things we may have...

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Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask

I am a member of a website called Influenster. Every so often I will get emails letting me know of special offers that are being offered from their site. I can take short surveys and if I am chosen they will mail a box of free stuff to me. This time around I was eligible for a Darling VoxBox.  Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask One of the items I received in my Darling VoxBox was a product called Eva-NYC therapy session hair mask. This product acts a conditioner to any hair type. It has keravis protein and Argan oil inside of...

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Almost Summer Time in Many Places

It’s almost summer time in many places and what’s a great way to start off the summer? How about with a writing contest? Many of you may remember the contests we had on several occasions so we decided to bring it back. In previous contests normally the judges (@kisser and I) would pick a topic that could be written for the contest. This time around we will just pick a theme. So the theme of this contest is Summer Time.  Summer Time contest What can be written for the summer time contest? The option is yours as long it pertains...

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