Author: Liliya

What activities are most inspiring and give joy?

Sometimes I think what activities are most inspiring and give joy to me? It depends on my inner state. Sometimes I want to work actively on creating something, sometimes I want to be engaged in intellectual work. In the past I was more demanding for my activities. Because the process or result had to involve me fully. Now I understand that the essence of this hook is within me. It’s like a muscle for to experience contact. If the muscle is weak, in order the contact to occur I needed an extreme or very valuable processes. Then I was...

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Share friendship

Strangers people say that we, Lithuanians, are the grim people. They say it is the country of rain, mourning each failure with cold rain drops, sadness or misery. Even beautiful days, like these same drops of rain – fall to the ground, splashing and disappearing, taking away a chance to understand the joy, and even more – to share it with others. Strangers say we have forgotten to smile, we have forgotten to laugh just because there is a joy, because we want to, because we feel good, because it’s fun. They say we tend to curse the evils...

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Forever young

In fact, I believe that these times have passed already when women reached the mystical number of years, condemn themselves to the old age. I do not think that thirty, forty, fifty, or other anniversary something change, if we talk only about the numbers. On the contrary, we can be very young forever. Or we can get old just reached twenty-five. I am sure, it all depends on how much we love ourselves, how wholeheartedly take care of ourselves. Finally, it depends on the way we live. After all, we create ourselves, right? We can create a vibrant, youthful...

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Disappoint yourself, disappoint others

We all hope for something – constantly. When we were little ones, we expected gifts under the Christmas tree. We hope that our friends will be with us always. We hope that we will be successful. And happy. Because adults do not have problems, only opportunities! We hope that we are loved, we hope that parents are proud of us. We hope that we will not disappoint them. But it happens – it’s inevitable. Great, if they are still proud of us. Not because we are failing, but maybe because we are looking for, making mistakes and learning. That...

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Who am I – my first post at Elite Writers

As many others, I just joined and it’s my first post at Elite Writers. Some time already I did not participate in such kind of writing sites, all my writing was dedicated to my few blogs. I see, many new writers introduce themselves before start to write for serious. So, who am I? I am an ordinary woman who loves life, likes monitor our beautiful world, analyze it and then write down own remarks. I am a woman who thinks that to live means to love, to help others means to help myself, to learn something new means to...

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