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Overwhelmed? What do you do when you are overwhelmed, anxious?

Overwhelmed? The question of what to do when you are overwhelmed is a perplexing one. Figuring out you are overwhelmed is the first step. After that you can fix the problem. I did not know I was overwhelmed. It snuck up on me like a cat preying on a bird. Some people might think a trip to the Emergency Room would wake a person up. Nope. Not me. My doctor has called me anxious for years. Sure I have had “panic attacks” off and on for 15 years, but they were not REALLY panic attacks. Panic attacks happen when worrying about something. I experienced these erratic heartbeats when I was...

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News: Too much political news

The News, News, News. Is there such a thing as too much news? I only ask this because politics seem to be a jumble. There is more hearsay and misreading than I can even keep up with. I usually do not watch the news or even read what most people consider gospel. I cannot fathom a world where honesty and openness even exists. People recite what they have read, well how they remember what they have read, and tell me of the changes that have taken place. It is a wonder anyone gets anything done with the chaos and...

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Rayna James, Connie Britton

Rayna James… Connie Britton… Rayna James   It is unfathomable. How could they kill Rayna James, Connie Britton’s character on Nashville? Rayna James and Juliette Barnes are/were the stars of the show. Connie Britton wanted to grow professionally, which after five seasons is understandable. She has been on Nashville since the inception. After five years, who could blame her for wanting to turn over a new leaf? The death of Rayna James will certainly make Nashville take a new turn, maybe even twisty road. The possibilities for the series is endless. In life the death of a spouse and parent are traumatic and dramatic. The death of Rayna James could spin off a new series in itself. Not that that is what is happening. In fact, I think this might be the downturn to Nashville, although I have never been good with predictions. The possibilities that Rayna James’s death leaves is endless. Who is going to take over Highway 66? What about the girls? Now that is drama! When children lose a parent it is left to the spouse/other parent to help them cope and it is always harder on the children. Talking of the children, who will have custody? Sure Teddy is Daphne’s father, but what about Maddie? Didn’t he sign away his rights? Either way, Deacon will have custody of Maddie, but will they split the girls...

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Tax Time

Tax time! When people do their taxes, it should be a season of the year. You hear the timeframe called tax time, so why not make it official? The experience lasts for months and if you are one of the unfortunate saps, it lasts all year long. Most years I must admit we get a refund. This year, we do not owe, thank goodness, but unbeknownst to me, my ex had a school loan debt. Guess where OUR refund went and next year’s, too. Unfortunately, I do not even know what to say to that. Hopefully, I will be filing an...

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Memories of the Deceased

When you hear someone has died, you automatically start remembering them. Some of the memories are good, some are not. Either way, you remember the time you spent with the person and in its own way that memory is paying respect to their life. In recent months I have had several deaths in the family. All of which have left me with interesting thoughts. One side of my family is cursed. There is no other explanation. The deceased are young. They are close to 50, all of them. I know 50 is not really young, but it certainly is not old either. My mother was 49, that was years ago. Her brother several years later, died at 53. Most recently, her brother’s son at 50 years old. His was not a natural death, but it is possibly from THE CURSE. My memories of my cousin were mostly from when I was young. All the little pranks he and his brother would pull together.  I never really thought they were friendly to my brother and me. Little did I know that was how they were friendly. The prank that stands out in my mind the most was the disappearing leg. I was extremely young and I believed each cousin had lost their leg. They would take turns sitting behind and under this huge chair. The first time they did it I went...

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