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Watching Over a Kid with ADHD

Now, I’m speaking this in the lens of a young aunt who has to babysit her little nephew. I’m no stranger to babysitting, I mean I have babysitted a lot of kids from little cousins to mom’s friend’s children. But the thing is, when my sister asked me a favor by asking me to look after her little tot, I had absolutely no idea what I was signing up for. My sister informed me that the doctor concluded that her son had ADHD–Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder. I thought that it could not be that serious since a lot of kids are innately playful and happy-go-lucky. The first thing I noticed about my nephew was his ENERGY. I mean he could be out playing all day but he’d still have the energy to bug me at midnight. He would be doing a lot of running, jumping, and unfortunately a LOT of hitting on things before he would feel the need to take a nap. Feeding him is a major chore especially because he is such a picky eater. But after a few weeks of staying with us, we finally got him hooked on the greens. Besides all that, I also had to teach him to talk. My nephew is four and he is still stuck at baby talking and blubbering. My sister and brother-in-law are really busy at work and...

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Starting an Online Shop

Opening up an online shop is a trend these days given that the internet has become a great avenue for interaction and publication. One could start of a shop in order to sustain their passions, as artists and musicians do. Or simply because they’d like to maximize profit on things that they find interesting as well. There are a few things to consider once you decide to start your very own online store. Do take note that I’m writing this as someone who is still studying while handling an online shop. 1. Capital In opening a business, the first thing needed is something to start with. Capital could come in the form of money, skill, network of connections, etc. In my case, I’m a student and I do some part time gigs in order to cash up some start up money. You should also know that you don’t always have to start big. I started with about $10 and right now I earn $5-10 weekly. Basically, start with what you have. 2. Store Name So, as for your store name, it has to be catchy and appealing to your target customers and somewhat relevant to your niche of products. For me, I’m selling cute items to millenials and tada, I came up with Unicorner. My name is quite trendy and artsy and that is how I’d like my store...

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Advanced Financial Accounting Volume 2 Solution Manual 2014

The Advanced Financial Accounting by Antonio J. Dayag is a comprehensive and procedural approach towards advanced financial accounting. Antonio J. Dayag is a CPA Reviewer and his proficiency in accounting does not only make him a credible author but also knowledgeable in laying out the chapters for the students learning the subject. The book has a strong tradition of combining theoretical foundations with hands-on, learn-by-example approach. The presented follows a comprehensive and procedural approach in order to help both accounting professors and students alike. Topics included in the book are: Home Office and Branch Accounting, Business Combinations, Separate and Consolidated Financial Statements, Elimination of Unrealized Profit Intercompany Sales, Elimination of Unrealized Gains or Losses on Intercompany Sales, Foreign Currency Transaction, Hedging Foreign Currency Exchange Rate Risk, Foreign Currency Translations, Not-For-Profit Entities and Government Accounting. Included in this post is the solution manual for the Volume 2 Book Advanced Accounting by Antonio J. Dayag. The solution manual is a companion for accounting professors and accounting students. It contains answers to the comprehensive or long problems and short problems. It should also be noted that this solution manual should be used for personal and educational purposes. This could be of assistance when students are making their homework or reviewing the course. This is not meant for distribution through sale.   Here are other EliteWriters resources you might need. Advanced Accounting Solution...

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What to do when you’re tired

We all have our days when we’ve realized too late that we’ve been working too hard. It is important to fallback and rewind. Definitely, resting is not necessarily procrastinating especially when it is necessary for your well-being. Here’s a list of things you could do when you feel so worked up. 1. Go for a walk. You might be so strained for staring at your computer screen for too long. You might be stiff from working on paperworks all day long. If you feel cramped from sitting, it’s a sign you need to get up and get those muscles stretch. Get out for a walk and get your needed dose of fresh air. 2. Drink water. Stay hydrated. I mean it. You’re a huge breathing sack of fluids and you need to keep drinking enough water to maintain that internal balance, homeostasis, they call it. If you can’t keep track of your water intake (like me). I suggest having a water bottle nearby and take a few gulps every now and then and make sure you empty it before finishing your task. 3. Take a nap. Seriously, those bags under your eyes are only good if they were designer. You need to doze of once in a while. It is best to nap less than 30 mins in between working time. Too much could make you sluggish and counterproductive....

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Need help: I have to write a short story

Recently, I was asked to write about any fiction short story that is related to the theme “Secrets” and the readers are mostly going to be college students. This will be published in our magazine a few weeks from now. Preferably, the theme of the story will touch on social issues. Right now, I have been thinking of writing about something along the lines of mental health such as anxiety and/or depression. Well, yeah I have the theme of the story set up. My problem now is of thinking of a particular storyline that will be engaging enough and that will best emphasize the struggles students with anxiety have to deal with. As for some background, I talked to my friend who had a psychotic episode in the past. This friend of mine then referred me to her own friend who currently deals with anxiety and regular panic attacks. Yeah, I tried talking to her but I still have zero idea as to how I could come up with a good story. I mean, I asked her how she’s doing, how she’s dealt with it. I do know details to help me make the story detailed but I am still at a lost as to how I will set out the plot of the story. I don’t know what scene will my story revolve around that is striking and...

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