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Up Coming Changes for Autumn 2017 Number 2

Hey Everyone again We have a few more updates that we like to announce. The site has moved to a more secure connection by using “SSL.” So now all logins are safer than before.  We have also updated the inactive system. Previously the writer had to write one article every 30 days. Now the writer has to write one article every 15 days (2 articles a month) in order to maintain an active account here at EliteWriters. As before if a writer ever falls into the inactive status, all one has to do to be considered active again is...

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Up Coming Changes for Autumn 2017

Hi everyone, Autumn changes are coming so get ready everyone. Rates per view will increase to 0.007 instead of 0.005 Comments views will become 0.002 instead of 0.003 These changes will take effect on 15-09-2017 And Happy Writing Everyone, Regards EliteWriters...

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To be honest once and for all

Hello, everyone! Every while and then people say we are paying less than other sites but to be honest, we are paying from our own pockets most of the time to keep the site working.  We always believed that such sites are worth to keep alive for everyone benefiting at the end. To be honest, closing the site was always a choice but every time I saw people doing a positive review about EW or @christi34 tries to change my mind, it doesn’t mean we are closing now or in any near future. It just means it time for everyone to...

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We are almost at the end

We are almost at the end of 2016. It’s amazing how fast this year has gone by. Can you believe it will be 2017 in just a few more days? We hope everyone was able to accomplish their goals that they set at the beginning of the year. Here at EliteWriters we are still trying to accomplish a few of our own goals, maybe 2017 will be better for us. We would like to see more people join and start writing. We would like for the ones we do have now to continue to be active.  The admins here...

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Update 11-11-2016

Hi everyone , It has been a long time since I have made an update. I recently did some changes to the homepage. I added the following categories to the home page which are : Animals and PETS , CELEBRATIONS , HISTORY , and POLITICS.  We still have more places for other Categories if you would like to suggest some please put them in a comment or use Support  , we really like to hear your ideas.  ...

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