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Top Three Western Comedies of All Time

  Dirty Dingus Magee Dirty Dingus Magee was released in November of 1970. This western comedy stars Frank Sinatra, George Kennedy, and Anne Jackson. This movie was one of my father’s favorites and it quickly became of mine. Dingus Magee is a robber that keeps slipping away just in the nick of time. DIngus Magee robs Hoke Birdsill and Hole Birdsill refuses to let Dingus get away. He becomes sheriff of a small town so that he can capture Dingus Magee. Catching Dingus Magee is not as easy as it may seem.  He always slips away in the nick...

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New Gift-Giving Trend: Subscription Boxes

There is a new gift-giving trend called subscription boxes. Alright, subscriptions boxes have been around for a long time but, they are gaining in popularity. Subscriptions boxes have become so popular that some chain departments stores are offering them. There are subscriptions boxes for just about anything that you can imagine. Department Store Subscription Boxes Walmart and Target both offer beauty subscription boxes. I have tried both of these. Target offers subscriptions boxes for different prices. I must say that I was not impressed with the Target box. I paid $15 for it and got about $5 worth of...

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Christmas the Most Stressful Time of the Year

Christmas the Most Stressful Time of the Year Christmas is the most stressful time of the year. But often we stress ourselves out. We want to do too much, give too much and be too much. During the Christmas season, we all must remember what it is truly about. Christmas has become way too commercialized. Christmas is about enjoying and spending time with friends and family. Tips for Reducing Stress During the Stressful Christmas 1. Relax and have something warm to drink 2. Lisen to Christmas Music 3. Relax and Enjoy You Time with Family and Friends Relax and...

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Facebook Group for Elite Writers

Facebook Group for Elite Writers In order to help Elite Writers grow and get more of your articles seen, I have decided to start a Facebook group for Elite Writers. I am by no means an expert on Facebook groups.  But, I do know that Facebook groups have helped other websites. Facebook groups will help get your articles seen. The group is very basic now.  I will make changes to it as they are needed.  It is a closed group to help prevent spammers.  As of now,  I am the only administrator of the group.  I am very open to ideas if...

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Rediscovering an Old Friend Elite Writers

Rediscovering an Old Friend I have rediscovered an old friend. The old friend that I have rediscovered is Elite Writers. Elite Writers has always been one of my favorite writing sites. Early this year I was writing here. I only stopped because I was under the impression that the site had closed down for good. Why My Old Friend Elite Writers is My Favorite Writing Site! My old friend Elite Writers is my favorite writing site for many reasons. I loved reading all the other writers’ articles here at Elite Writers. The writers here alway wrote such interesting articles....

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