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Winter has arrived in Southeast Texas

Alas, winter has arrived in Southeast Texas. It came yesterday in the form of snow covering our lawns, houses and cars with a one to three inch blanket of snow. News coverage called it a winter wonderland. College station,Texas received a record five inches of snow, leaving the Aggies the opportunity to build sturdy snowmen. Snowmen could be seen everywhere as children and adults played with an almost reckless abandon, foregoing the cold. Some nine years had passed since the last recordable snow event in Southeast Texas. I remember it well. The joy we felt that day was indescribable as my mother and I frolicked in the snow. We were joined by our chihuahua, Paco experienced his first snow of a lifetime. Sadly, he did not live long enough to enjoy it another time. The snow was indeed a miraculous site, but now, the cold has made us all aware that winter has touched us and will one day soon have us in its grasp for a longer period of time. The time has come for lighting up the furnace, readyng the fireplace and bringing out the space heaters. Preparations are always needed to ensure a warm and safe winter season. To make it a happy season, we bring out the snuggle blankets, delicious foods and hot cocoa, cider or egg nog. We enjoy the company of good friends...

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Another one bites the dust

Another one bites the dust. It seems everyone keeps dying off on me I just got word that my closest uncle passed away in his sleep. At least it was a peaceful end to his life. I give thanks for that. There seems to be a shortage of family and friends these days. It makes me apprehensive about the future. Maybe even a little scared. I remember when my grandfather died. I drank heavily that night and then woke my father in his home crying profusely. The thought of losing him one day was more than I could bear....

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American Red Cross are the best

American Red Cross vehicles can be found across the country today due to the abundance of disasters we gave experienced recently. Between floods, hurricanes, fires and other calamities the Red Cross insignia and volunteers can be found giving aid to those in need. These volunteers have been a staple of life for as long as I can recollect. Through wars and skirmishes, through the fire torn homes of California to the flood ravaged neighborhoods of Houston Texas they serve tirelessly. I have to wonder was there ever a time they have not served the public selflessly, tirelessly and endlessly?...

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Donald Trump wrong to attack Amazon with tweet

Source: Donald Trump wipes $5.7bn off the value of Amazon with single tweet Call it bullying, call it hypocrisy, or just call it slander.  Whatever it is called, one thing is certain…it is definitely wrong of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to attack Amazon on a public forum in order to inflict harm. The above-linked article just turned my stomach as it showed Trump tweeting against the online retail giant Amazon.  How dare he make claims of hurting the public.  The tactics he charges against Amazon are no less normal than the very same used by Trump...

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The whole idea of Illegal Immigration

I was just walking about the town of Eagle Pass Texas while visiting on a hot shot delivery to a local warehouse.  I sort of thought maybe I might spot an undocumented worker running across an open field into our country.  No such sight presented itself to me this day.  But the whole idea of illegal immigration into the United States got me t thinking about the whole process. I truly expected to see more of a presence of border security, other than just at the bridge leading in and out of the country.  I think we can all...

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