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Just random day

I have been doing cleaning most of my day because I have my social worker from social services coming tomorrow morning. Hopefully it all gets done on time for her. I know it will lol. Also, had a friend help with a little bit of groceries until I get to the food pantry Thursday at noon. I have been shopping here and there for food so we are trying to keep stock. My husband has to work for 3 hours Saturday which I don’t care because it is money we could use. The weather has been hot again and I am not ready for cool weather or winter lol. What about you? I am also doing a lot of MyLotting but here to keep my account active. I don’t post much here. Only enough to keep it active now. I have $1.69 and slowly creeping to payout of $5 lol. What about you? I had to get my iPhone speaker fixed last week and costed me nearly $50 to get it fixed. SHFH. I wish sales would pick up. Need the money to pay 2 major credit cards off, 3 if I count Walmart lol. I have 5-6 credit cards but keep up on them very well. I am proud of myself. What about you? Gotta go for now....

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I am coming back

I am officially back now hopefully lol. I am going to sure try this time. I am now 33 and my son is excited to start full time Kindergarten this coming up Tuesday. I have to walk him to and from school but that is okay. This is just a small updated post of my life. I still post in MyLot but this is going to be my secondary but more often. Weather here today has been quite gloomy with rain but thats okay. Making sketti for dinner tonight. How is everyone doing here? I am hoping to do...

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I am back in action

So it has been a very long time since I been on here. I been on MyLot a whole lot which is another paid blogging site. I am going to try and be more active here as I am in MyLot. I like to write about anything. Even writing challenges. But anyways, my life has been okay. Wish it could be better honestly. I used to be active here then just kind of gave up but now I want to be more active. Just have to figure out the payout thing again. I am also following everyone on the members list. Well, friending them anyways lol. Its cool we get points for referrals here but MyLot don’t have referrals anymore. Our admin is great though because he keeps up on everything. I hope to be in our new house very very soon because then I can set up my office space. I sell on Mercari but Poshmark mainly. I make decent money there but just wish I had more customers. I am trying to better my health, too now. Hopefully I can get better. I hate being sick all the time. Just got over the flu not too long ago. Also, my son has dental surgery March 1st so not looking forward to that. How has everyone else been? Oh, my downstairs neighbor went to the hospital this morning...

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It’s been a bit

So it has been a bit since I posted last. I been trying to keep up on MyLot and TSU but I try to post here when I can. Heard some new changes and I even like the new look here. I even see we can cash out sooner which is cool too and I like that. Every cent helps as I say. I am watching WWE and blogging here. I see some cashing out faster now also and cool thing is is minimum payout is $5. Even better lol. How is everyone doing? Oh, I am only at $0.23 right now so I have a long ways to go anyways and that is okay. The weather has been hot and rainy on and off but today was pretty cool otherwise. The husband has been getting his demo derby cars done and next weekend we will be in Thorpe doing one I guess. I really didn’t want to go but oh well. Hopefully the weather ain’t bad lol. My PoshMark sales have been slow again after that one nice order I had a bit ago. I have been busy lately and enjoying the nice weather on top of it. Well, I am off for now. I try to be active and try to interact as much as I can....

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Random thought #2

How is everyone doing this evening? It is raining here but could be better. It has been an up and down day. I have also decided not to buy the new pink iPhone. Husband and I got into it about money today and it irks me because a truck loan we just paid off, he went and got another one but bigger that we can’t even afford he got behind my back. I have no idea how he is going to pay it in full now because he don’t get workers comp anymore. They fully paid him off. Then today in PoshMark I made a $40 sale which is great. Biggest one I have gotten so far and sales have been very slow. I am thankful for that one. This is my 6th blog here and so far I am at $0.37 which is pretty good to me. Only 19 more blogs to go to hit 25 lol. My husband bought our son a Avengers battery operated 4wheeler. He will grow out of it fast but he wanted it. $60 at Walmart and he has to pay daddy back next week out of his SSI check. Husband had a fit about buying it but its not for him. Whatever. At least my 4 year old got something he really wanted. Well, ttyl....

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