Author: Arnie

Should the war on drugs be non-violent?

The greed for money and power is what I see why drugs are so prevalent in our society now, the root just cannot be moderated, the drug lords just wants more and more money although they have much of it, some even are stacking cash like bricks in their big houses and mansions because they do not want to put it in some bank lest it will get discovered and frozen. The money involved in drugs is so large that it can pay more than some country’s entire budget for one year plus its national debt by some big drug lord in south America. So big that it can even maybe buy a country, but what we know now and it is not a secret anymore, that indeed the drug money are paying many politicians, police officers, and the officers from the army for help and protection if not that they also themselves are the ones pushing the drugs to people, the betrayal of such elected officials are unspeakable because of their rather unquenchable need for power and money. Drug pushers and drug addicts must be stopped, we need some type of force that has to be utilized just to cure this cancer of society or we will succumb to having a broken society plagued by lawlessness and criminality caused by one significant problem in the community which is...

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Do you eat some icky weird stuff?

There are many foodstuffs that we find repulsive to eat, not necessarily unpleasant but sometimes or more often than not, these weird foods, uncommonly eaten animal parts which I am referring to, do tastes good or equally or even better to have than the common foods that we eat everyday. It is true that we just eat a small percentage of what is available out in the world that can provide us the nutrition that we need and yet we just limit our diet on what either is readily available for us to eat or what we are used to eating because we do not want to diversify our diet. Sometimes I do crave for some recipes that are out of the ordinary like the stewed feet of a leghorn chicken, the best types of course are the fatty ones because there is no meat in chicken feet butt it do taste nice when cooked with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, onion, and black pepper  and then cooked very slow until it’s all tender. I also like the chicken neck with thee head attached, cooked the same way as the chicken feet, you just have to take off the beak and slit the throat lengthwise in order to clean the mucous membranes in it and you are ready to cook it. But when I hold or doing the necks, I...

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Do you shop online?

I can still remember the first items that I have bought online, it was a black market product so the seller may or may not be trustworthy and since I need the item so badly, I just researched the seller first in some forums to read about her reviews. So the transaction transpired luckily without any problems, I paid through Western Union, sent the seller the tracking number and she sent me my product which I picked up two days later from a courier’s branch station in our town. After sometime I learned that some online shopping  with a site that sells a whole lot of products was operating in my country, it is a branch that also advertises it’s site on television. So I did made an account and right there I made a few purchases that I need from money clips to an expensive parabolic antenna which I am using right now for my Internet broadband connection, quite useful and worth it and I also plan to buy in the future because of their flexible payment option, types, and delivery. Some people cannot or do not want to go to the physical store to buy what they want, so these online shopping sites are a great swap for the traditional shopping where you have to battle through heavy traffic, dangers in travelling, and the hardship of carrying...

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Getting regular with coffee

The world’s most famous beverage is one of God’s great gift to humanity. Some say that a shepherd of goats discovered the famed coffee by observing that his herd just goes lively (or happy) after eating some coffee beans from the field. So he tried the beans and we do not know exactly how did he even think of roasting them first before grinding and then brewing it, not to mention putting some sweetener into it and making the very first coffee this time for people and not goats. But whomever or whatever the origin of coffee, it doesn’t...

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The ADHD friend

There is some kind of a disorder that a few of us are not even aware of that other people have and it is quite interesting condition because the person that has it is somewhat gifted but unguided, so unguided that the gift is unusable for themselves or society, at least that is how I see it because I for one witnessed first hand on how their mentality works and regrettably for me such persons are better left off, for they like autistic persons have a way of their own and a world of their own. So I do...

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