Author: Transcend Tranquil

When actions speak out volumes

I don’t want to go at lengths how people earn money online and how much spammers make per hour just by posting rubbish and lies. After all, the politicians and yellow press are masters in those fields… I will not even name a guy who did this. Some time ago, at the very beginning of this month a guy was robbed of his social and media accounts online, but what was the most puzzling, he took it overly dramatic that some people even asked is he being for real. I mean, he did lose a few accounts, some privacy...

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Hidden meaning behind nightmares

Have you ever thought how your nightmares are not only the outlet for some unsolved problems in your life or maybe a reaction to a bad diet or a heavy dinner? Some people have the nightmares by default, but in case that a person is truly aware of this condition it is not a nightmare but only bad dream. The nightmares produce the underlying feeling of discomfort, panic, and fear either for our own well-being or for some other, usually, very close person. The nightmares are usually very fleeting and we tend to forget all about the content just...

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Ill person doesn’t look like that

When the weather changes everything changes. The temperatures finally went to the comfortable normals, but I don’t know if that is an actual good thing. Almost a same day the local weather balanced back to the heavenly climate, my health went to hell. Obviously, I can’t stand to see myself out of a trouble, and if nothing else the clogged nose will suffice. I really hate my immune system, because it reacts to almost everything. It always amazed me how some people never get ill or get il with such a minor symptoms while I have almost everything they...

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Combine fitness and diet

I had a nice plan before this previous summer to lose some weight and get more fit, but the problem was in my work schedule plus afterward, I was too tired and lazy to do anything. I tried to diet but for some reason everything I lost, I gain back again. So, that showed no results at all. Maybe it is a water retention because it s not physically possible to lose weight so much in only a week. Some of my heavier friends suggest that I maybe only need to change diet because in their eyes I don’t...

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Payment proof for EliteWriters ( and suggestion)

I can see that we are gaining a few old members back, either because of the promise of the bigger earnings, either because people have no other places to go after most of the websites closed down or stopped paying. I can name one of the websites who completely changed its model due to lack of the profit, the Niume. That was a huge hit and I guess some people didn’t take it so well. So, without much ado, This is my payment proof from EliteWriters. I started to write seriously during this summer and I didn’t put much...

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