Author: Transcend Tranquil

Manic Pixie Dream Girl – should be

It is interesting how things can change quickly, effortlessly and without any additional stresses and confrontations. If you are a lucky person, which I am usually not… But, for some reason, that nice philosophy of life decided to miss my point and I managed to organize my existence around its core without regrets and losses. The first thing my work has been improved, and if I could say improved by a million it would be quite an understatement. I didn’t change my branch, but I change a way I work. I don’t see the reason to spend hours and...

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl – No diggity

Mission accomplished. I survived a notorious shoe shopping episode. After the work, I sincerely believed that Dillinger chicken-brain forgot all about the deal we made that morning, but I was out of a luck. He fulfilled his promise, he was in there waiting in time… No forgetfulness, no forgiveness either. He ( usually) knows exactly what he wants but for some unexplained reason, a shop never has it. I went in like I was going to face a death sentence…. The trip pretty soon turn into a nightmare, like expected, because I had a feeling I went shoe shopping...

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl – Everlasting Happiness

To my everlasting happiness, Dillinger decided to let go off of the bird tree houses and painting the cows and soon after his recovery pass to the end he came back to work. Well, sort of. It is not kind of job that you can actually leave or come back to whenever you are pleased or not. I was too exhausted to notice how nice and handsome he is lately and the whole situation escalated to the level of Afghanistan. No dead people, doe, I am still alive. Next time I should just leave my allergies and exhaustion for...

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl – The best yet to come

I am sleeping as a baby lately, but I have yet to make too many tasks so I don’t understand this sudden change in my sleeping pattern. Must be all that accumulated stress and the weather change. I would usually sleep for a couple days like a sloth with the bear complex, and then stay awake for another few days or over the weekend for no apparent reason. Tasks are pending and I finally started to complete them this morning, but it looks like the list has no end. I was never on time anyway, so what the use...

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Manic Pixie Dream Girl 10102017

– You have to hide your identity. Your privacy is paramount ( I freaking know that…) and super-important, you have to invest everything you have to hide. Hide everything away!! Don’t let them know you!!- Yes, mom… I stood in front of my messenger with an astonished facial expression. Dillinger finally went completely insane. How do you expect me to work with various clients online … if… never mind…I have all my data online and confirmed identity as well- I am a networker and developer. I need it for my job. Did you even ever talk to a net...

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