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I can see that we are gaining a few old members back, either because of the promise of the bigger earnings, either because people have no other places to go after most of the websites closed down or stopped paying. I can name one of the websites who completely changed its model due to lack of the profit, the Niume. That was a huge hit and I guess some people didn't take it so well. So, without much ado, This is my payment proof from EliteWriters. I started to write seriously during this summer and I didn't put much thought or effort in it. My activity consisted of writing an article here and there and then sharing it on Twitter. It was the fastest way and I don't have a big follower base on any other network, so it wouldn't make any traction. PROOF: I also have one little suggestion. I never considered EP ( Elitewriters Points) a monetary value. I always calculated that a value of my payment should be from the earnings, and not from converted points. I wish that we could somehow give out our points to the commentators because almost the same I wish to have cash, I wish to have a reply on my work. It would inspire me to write better. I had this idea to make a Pot on individual articles with the points in it and commentators after commenting would be rewarded with a certain value of the points each. I wish also that we can buy points, so in a case that somebody doesn't have the points, he can buy it. I hope that administrators could see the benefit of this and make it possible.


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