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Daddy’s Little Girl!

I looked inside my mind and my heart began to ache, I looked inside my heart and my soul began to quake, I looked inside my soul and mind begun to hate, With all this built up emotion, how am I supposed to escape? The human mind...

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The Butte Measureman a poem by Al Giecek

Note: As I have stated before in a poem I wrote and posted on here, Al Giecek was my grandfather. He worked just about every mine there was. He worked “The Hill” here in Butte,Montana until he was blinded(won’t...

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A letter to my soul sister

  To you who shall remain nameless, You are my sunshine, you are my life, When good things happen to me, you are the first one, I want to tell. You are my sunshine, you are my life, You are the one I dream off in the middle...

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Random Poem 1287 – Depression released

Note: every so often, I settle into my computer chair, slide on the headsets and put in some death metal on Youtube, or some Abba and just write whatever hits the brain. I call these Random Poems – I lost count of the...

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A letter to myself – maybe a poem!

I’ve never flown so high so fast and fell from the sky so hard so quickly. I can’t even  be that mad cause she said, “We just on hold!” So here I sit, crying, can’t even hit the wall, in bitter...

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