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Why Keywords are important?

If you have already started to create a website, you are sure to have come across the word ‘keyword’. And even though it is very important, not everyone knows exactly what these keywords are and why are they so important. If you...

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5 Tips to Get Followers on Social Media

Your goal with the social media presence should be not reaching a lot of followers, but reaching the right kind of followers. That is, those followers who may be in need of your services, or those who might tell other people who...

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Pokemon Go! How to collect more Coins

Pokemon go is surely unique concept in mobile game and it is still having many active users in compare to any other game. So it is quite good. I am not regular player of this game but still because of concept and the subject I...

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Whatsapp!! (History)

As we all know that the now a days messaging apps are becoming famous and Whatsapp is the fastest growing messaging app. It was initially released before 6 years in January, 2010 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum; who were the...

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Prisma app for image editing

There are lots of applications available on internet to edit our image on android store. But this application has created lots of hype in very short time. I have seen many editing application but all of them have mostly same...

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