When it comes to the subject of cockroaches, just how much is there that a writer can tell his audience of readers.  Everyone, possibly everyone, knows what a cockroach is and they literally detest the gross little creatures, insects, whatever.  New Yorkers can be included in that group.

This weekend a heat wave is descending upon the east coast where New York will be one of the cities affected.  This heat event will bring about an unusual occurrence affecting the skies of the city.  The New York City flying cockroaches will be out and about in huge numbers as they try to emulate their human counterparts.  When the heat rises, human instinctively try to cool off.  It is no different for the flying cockroach which flies about in an effort to cool its under body parts.

The hot days will present a sometimes forgotten feature of the cockroach.  Usually the insect is known for scurrying across the floor or ground.  Generally speaking, they tend to hide  away from the light.  The New York flying cockroach is similar and will hide in the shadows of park benches, trash cans and other such areas.

Cockroaches may not be on the sight seeing tour for most New York visitors, but this weekend may add them to the visitor itinerary.  Tourists may need to quickly learn the art of ducking.



Source: New York flying cockroaches will be out due to hot weather

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