When a woman gets married, it is customary for her to take on her husband’s last name. She usually changes her name altogether, or hyphenate. However, a few men have taken on the last name of their wives. For example, Zoe Saldana husband, Marco Perego, hyphenated his last name, and multiplatinum rapper Jay-Z did as well. The shocking part is, this is not a new thing, John Lennox, did this with Yoko Ono. My point of saying this is: Could you do it? Could you take the last name of your wife?

My Answer

It depends on the situation. My wives family would have to have a good reason for me to take on her last name, and if was to do it, I would hyphenate my last name. Furthermore, my wife would be expected to hyphenate her last name too. We would have to have matching last names. To be more specific, it would have to be a situation, like Jay-Z and Beyonce’s. The Knowles family wanted to keep their last name going, due to no male offspring, and Jay-Z hyphenated his last name to keep the Knowles surname around.

In closing, I expect to see more men adopting their wives surnames. If you were to do this: Would you change your name altogether, or would you hyphenate.



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