In you are familiar with the Emmett Till story, you know a woman played a central role in it. Carolyn Bryant, the woman responsible for Emmett Till’s death had made headlines in recently. This past weekend, I came across an news article where Bryant stated that she lied about Till’s actions. This lie would cost the young boy his life. This brings me to the title question: Could you Forgive Her?

While visiting family in Mississippi, Emmett Till, was accused of flirting with a white lady, Carolyn Bryant. After some time, some media reports say four days, her husband, Roy and his brother J.W. Milam kidnapped and murdered Till. The two men were tried for Till’s death, but got off.

My Answer
If I were a member of Emmett Till’s family, I would not be forgiving, at first. It would take me a while to forgive the now 82 year old woman. My first reaction would be to harass the Mississippi prosecutors and beg them to retry the case. If this were my child, I would want to come after Bryant with vengeance, legally. I would eventually forgive her, but not until I got all my anger out. I make my case known on social media and all the news outlets that would listen. My response may sound crazy, but I would take time for me to forgive her. What would you do?

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