Twitter status into article title
You see, some of the most popular article writers posting on Twitter have already made their great titles and they are posting all that stuff on twitter.
So, the thing you should do is, make a twitter account, find some really good niche writers and see their posts. Twitter statuses are only 140 characters long and after you rewrite them into your own words – you will have a bunch of the titles ready for your blog. The great thing about this technique is that you can connect popular hashtags with your article or your topic.

Old-fashioned handwriting
The digital typing is fast and efficient for the niche oriented articles or for the thought flow, but if you want to get away from it and change your way of the thinking, the angle and to realize new points of the view, twists and logic in your story and the creative process – I think it is essential to put it all down on the paper.
Try to swap your typing device, whatever it is, for the paper and make it all happen on one more palpable dimension.
It will be reflected in your work too because it will allow you to slow down and to think more wisely than you can do it on a type machine or PC keyboard.

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