I looked inside my mind and my heart began to ache,

I looked inside my heart and my soul began to quake,

I looked inside my soul and mind begun to hate,

With all this built up emotion, how am I supposed to escape?



The human mind can only handle so much, I can see it starting to break.

If I don’t find the truth in myself soon, They’re gonna find my body in the lake.

I am at the end of my rope and I hit my knees to pray,

For if God cannot help me, then I have truly lost my way,

*I begin to feel a little tap upon my leg.*

“Daddy”, I hear in a quiet little voice.

“Daddy,  I sit here reading this, watching you fade away!”

“It’s time that I have told you, so pay attention closely, cause this is what I want to say,”

“I looked inside my mind and my heart was filled with things that make you very  very great!”

“I looked inside my heart and my soul cried because of all your pain!”

“I looked inside my mind and it wanted me to tell you that everything will be ok.”

With all this built up emotions for you, you can never go away!

*She takes my hand and moves it, to give me the biggest biggest hug.*

Faint whispers in my ears, “I love you Daddy! Forever and ever Daddy! Cause member, that’s what we always say.”

*Tears pouring from my eyes, there’s only one last thing to say!*

“Forever and ever baby girl, cause you saved Daddy’s life today!”

~Thank You~


I would love to give Biggest shout out to all of our children!! Young, old or otherwise, they truly are angels from God, no matter how they behave! Raise them good and teach them good because we are yesterday. What of our children? Well as for them, they are tomorrow!!

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