As part of the world is in mourning over the death of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, the rest of the world are rejoicing in the death of a communist dictator. I have heard mixed reviews about the death of Castro. Some in Little Havana, Florida took to the streets cheering in his death while people like Canadian Prime Minister is saying how sad it is to lose such a great leader. How is it that people can see two different versions of Castro? Which side is correct? 

There have been so many Cubans that have tried escaping from Cuba and from Castro’s grasps that many have died before reaching freedom. Some are too scared to even try to escape. Castro was no man to play around with. He was set in his ways and always thought of his people first. Even if they didn’t think he did. 

Communist Dictator

Many believe Castro to be a communist dictator while others believed he ran his country like a military state. Regardless of what one believe to be true, Fidel was a very smart man that did not like having anyone stand up to him and make him look small. To many, he will be remembered as the man that killed for the wrong reasons while many other people will remember him for his time of need when no one else would help (Angola). 



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