“Dog is man’s best friend.”  Those who have furry pets agree that the expression is true. These four-legged pets are in a lot of households around the country. Perhaps you have a dog that you call your best friend.

Origin of ‘Dog is man’s best friend’

The saying has been around since 1870. George Graham Vest in Warrensburg, Missouri made the statement in a courtroom speech. A farmer sued for damages after a neighbor shot his dog, Old Drum.  At the end of the trial, Vest made his speech which included the statement, “a dog is man’s best friend.” People have been believing and using that statement since then.

Interesting things about dogs

Masters are warned and saved them from danger by the friendly pet.  Dogs have been separated from families and traveled many miles to get back home.  Houses and other properties can be guarded when the owner is at work. After a stressful day at work, man can relax a bit with his best friend. As soon as he gets home, he is greeted at the door. No matter the size, the pet may jump up on him.

Man With His Dogs

Dogs and Man

What men say about their best friend

Owners love their canines and consider them part of the family. They say nice things about their best friend. For instance, owners trust their canine more than they trust some people. Their pet is always right by the owner’s side no matter what. Their best friend never complains or refuses to play.  The owner gets exercise when the two of them go for a walk.



Do you own a dog? If so, is it your best friend?

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Photo credit: Pixabay

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