I feel less secure if in our home we do not own a dog, we just are like vulnerable to thieves and other bad elements in society if there is nothing is around our house to at least sound an alarm if a foreign entity showed up. For example, a dog really barks like hell if it sees someone it didn’t know or recognize, so in that fact they function really well as a dependable home security system and doubles as  a pet as well in most cases.

Thieves just are very cautious and would prefer a house with no dog for most cases as a target house because they know that a dog will not relent in barking and possibly attacking an intruder especially if it doesn’t know the individual. So sometimes also stray dogs also serves as a check valve for safety so our kids won’t wander that so freely anywhere because they will think that it is not safe because of a possible attack from stray dogs in particular, so they will stay safe for that matter.

A single dog may suffice our natural home security needs especially if we have a small space and it will just make our place get a foul odor if too much animal is around because of their body waste. If our home is bigger and it calls for a much tighter securitty then it is up to us, we just have to manage them well and take care of their needs as an animal.

Guard dogs should also not be exposed to strangers or they will just be so friendly that it will make them useless, we just need some viciousness for our guard dogs and they need to bark and react when there is a possible threat in the vicinity. They must also have an adequate shelter, a comfortable leash and well fed so that they will remain strong, alert, and dependable in times that we would need their services like when we go out from our house or there is a real intruder that we must confront or deal with.



Photo credit: Pixabay

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