Source: Donald Trump wipes $5.7bn off the value of Amazon with single tweet

Call it bullying, call it hypocrisy, or just call it slander.  Whatever it is called, one thing is certain…it is definitely wrong of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, to attack Amazon on a public forum in order to inflict harm.

The above-linked article just turned my stomach as it showed Trump tweeting against the online retail giant Amazon.  How dare he make claims of hurting the public.  The tactics he charges against Amazon are no less normal than the very same used by Trump in his businesses.

Remember back when we got a small sample of his own shenanigans that cost taxpayers while he pocketed millions by avoiding paying taxes.  Trump claims it was “good business”.  But, he dares attack Amazon.  Why



The answer is simple.  As a bully, he wishes to quell the onslaught of negative news that the Washington Post, also owned by Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, that has tarnished the image of the great Donald Trump.

Wil we see any recourse.  One would think that we should.  The Justice Department, if it were true blue, should launch a probe into the many slanderous and may be libelous comments by Trump on Twitter.  In fact,  Twitter should cancel his account for posting such hurtful comments.  If you or I did the same, we would be sued.

In my eyes, Trump is a plain hypocrite.

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