Election day is finally here. It is time for every American to stand up and get out and vote. I, myself, plan on voting sometime today. Either way, we look at this election, it’s going to be a historical event. We are either going to elect the first woman (who happens to be under FBI investigation) as president or will elect the first non-politician as president.

Let’s take a look at the election candidates:



Donald Trump

Donald Trump is an American businessman, television producer, and now a politician that is the Republican Party nominee for President. He is the former owner of the Ms. America pageant as well as the Ms. Universe pageant. He also had a television show called The Apprentice.  Trump is known to have a filthy mouth who is quick to state his mind. He is also known to be sexist by some Americans. There is speculation or not about him being racist since he believes that illegal immigrants should be deported out of The United States. He also expects Mexico to pay for the wall that Trump wants to be built between Mexico and The United States. 

Hillary Clinton Democratic nominee for President- Courtesy of Pixabay

Hillary Clinton Democratic nominee for President- Courtesy of Pixabay

Hillary R. Clinton

Hillary Clinton is the wife of former President Bill Clinton (William) who happened to be impeached while in office. Hillary Clinton was also the senator while living in New York and later to become Secretary of State. She is the Democratic nominee for President. If elected as president she will become the first woman president in the history of The United States. As I mentioned earlier she is also the first person running for president that is being investigated by the FBI. It seems Secretary Clinton doesn’t know how to stop lying about certain incidents and continues to lie about it while in the process destroying evidence that should have been handed over to the FBI.

While as Secretary of State she was responsible for the deaths of four men in Benghazi. She at first blamed the killings on a video tape that was on YouTube. Then she later on and said something else. While in hearing about what happened she replied: “what difference does it make now”. In other issues, Clinton thinks it is okay for a woman to have an abortion in her 9th month of pregnancy. After all, she believes that a child in the womb has no rights until it is actually born. But she thinks we should have gun regulations to help prevent toddlers from dying. 



My thoughts on this Election

I really tried being bias while writing this article but there are certain things that just makes my blood boil. Sure neither one of these candidates is saints. They both have said and done some things that they simply can not take back. Trump gave an interview to Billy Bush where he mentioned about being able to grab women by the pussy. That interview was over 10 years ago. Clinton has been under investigation for awhile now and has lied on video more than once but people are still willing to vote for her. 

I personally can not vote for a woman that doesn’t have any respect for women and thinks it’s okay to kill unborn babies because I am not okay with abortion. Sure I don’t like what Trump said but if you compare the two it’s not as bad as Hillary putting our country in jeopardy by having a private email server in her home that happened to get hacked 5 different times. 

I’m not voting for Clinton that’s for sure. 




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