Trump is a name that is synonymous with riches, luxury and power. Donald Trump’s son, Eric Trump, in a recent interview referred to Democrats as not being people. I wonder if this is not an indication of the true beliefs of the Trump family.
Back during the campaign I remember how presidential candidate Donald Trump would talk about how smart he imagined himself, even considering himself smarter than everyone around him. His rhetoric smacked of an over sized ego that allows him to believe he is better than everyone else.
Now,his son Eric seems to be further separating the Trump family by suggesting that a great majority of the public is inferior to them simply because they have doubts about the President.
The sitting President has continually down graded and degraded the American public with his actions and his rhetoric. And maybe he is correct in his assessment, to a small degree, since those same people voted him into office.
Will Donald Trump’s next step be to announce to the world that he is supreme ruler of the United States or maybe even a God in his own right?
Obviously Trump thought he would be the ultimate” Boss” figure able to exact his will on everyone within the sound of his voice. Sadly for him, such is not the case. Even his own minions have begun to rebel against his rule.
Unfortunately for the President, our God gave us the gift of free will, a gift we will never relinquish. Our freedom of choice is both our God given and constitutional right. And,like the wind which flows in any direction it wishes, so flows the will of the people.
What the American people wanted and expected was a leader, someone who would take the initiative to help the people and not themselves. Instead, we got a man who only wishes to build his ego and stature. The man will never know true success until he can experience, understand and accept failure. Failure seems to have been experienced only in his marriages. My opinion is that Trump sought out his current wife from foreign lands to remedy the situation. A beautiful woman on his side to make him look good and appear to be a winner, while she enjoys all he has to offer. Remember this is all personal opinion that I share. These are my thoughts and only my thoughts. I am only a simple man, not even people.

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