Dearest Facebook,

In recent news ala today, you’ve been in some trouble because apparently you let Russian bots run wildly through your streets of golden temples and silver feet running ads to blow up our electoral voting system which seems is easy enough to do without even using Russian bots.

I love Facebook, being able to piss off long time friends into unfriending and blocking me with just three posts is just awesome, but here lately with just the mere post of “Watching Blazing Saddles” you’ll end up with spammers hitting your posts(I had five hit a few of my posts within minutes, one post I mentioned “Silver Surfer vs. Wonder Woman” received one within seconds of me hitting post.)

That post was done as a mock against the spammers.



I did laugh.

Thanks for that Mark.

Of course, in the past, I have tried to report these spammers and groups that pass along illegal movie, music and software downloads but have been told by you that the conform to the Facebook Terms of Service if I can get them to you for review.

Most time my resolution from you is to “block or ignore them”

Even better is if I hit they are promoting illegal stuff, which could lead to closure of Facebook(hey Mark, remember Napster?) I am told to contact the copyright holder and they can report it.

Uh, hmmmmm…..

Now if I post a picture of nudity, even as an art painting, you will jump into action, deleting the “offending” post and throwing me into “Facebook Prison” without a blink of the eyes.

I’m not sure why your system is like this.

I’d like to think you’re not profiting from these comment spammers and are just very very very(did I mention very?) stupid!

I know you’ll never read this but I needed to write it anyways.

Thank you and good night,




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