Our rules are very simple, as long as you can read and understand English, you should be able to understand and follow our rules easily.

1. NO plagiarism allowed, you cannot copy anything from anywhere else on the internet. You also cannot take anything from somewhere else and spin/rephrase it. It may pass the plagiarism scans, but it won’t pass our eyes’ scan. Any post that is found indexed on another site will be deleted without warning. 

2. No Posts under 200 words are allowed. All articles must be written in English only. 

3. Make sure your content is not violating the Adsense Prohibited Content Policy.

4. No bots or proxies allowed. Fake traffic and bots will get noticed by our system and you’ll get banned without notice.

5. No more than 5 posts a day (24 hours).  This may increase the longer the website is running.

6. No articles shall consist of adult content, any content that advocates against an individual, group or organization,  pertaining to drugs, alcohol, or tobacco related, no hacking or cracking content, no violent content, no bad language of any kind, or any other illegal content is allowed.  

7. You can only use pictures that you own or from websites that allow you to use their pictures. Pictures that you don’t own also need to be cited to give credit where credit is due. All pictures need to be cited regardless of where it came from. You cannot add a nude and/or semi-pornographic picture to your article, if you do so, serious actions will be taken.

8. You can share an article more than once on your social media accounts. 

9. You cannot include any sort of affiliate or referral links in your articles.

10. Do NOT use other people’s uploaded pictures. 3 warnings is a ban.

11. Only one account per person.


We reserve the right to terminate a user’s account and or deny payment if a user does not comply with our Rules or Terms of Service.



This document was last updated on September 15, 2015, and is subject to change at any time.