Note- I know, I’ve been filling up my blog lately. I’ve been writing, trying to keep the blahs at bay.  I think it’s helping,I haven’t gone running into traffic yet.  ~Grin~

This one was inspired by a good friend of mine post, a video (link at the bottom of this note!) – I commented the first line in this and thought, why not expand it.

I know I for one do wear masks.

I have my entire life.



The video promised – found here

I am happy, see my happy face?

The tears of happiness keep falling from my eyes.

I’m not angry, I’m smiling upside down, can’t you see?

I am happy, so very happy, I can’t even smile anymore,

So just damn happy,

Life is so damn awesome,

If it gets anymore awesome,

I just might kill myself,

Or kill someone.

I am so very happy, can’t you see it in my eyes?

My songs?

Distant memories, close by, filling my heart with so much joy,

So many good days, the bad days just come in for company.

They like to cuddle awhile, then, go into the kitchen for some jollies.

This is the best part, apparently, the good times, let us sit and talk for awhile.

I am happy.

“Really?” reads the note from the crowd.

I smile.


I’m wearing my mask, the one spelled joy, in Latin letters, backwards maybe.

Everyone wears the masks, if they didn’t, we’d all be ready to jump in front of the bus.

I mean, on, on the bus.

I am happy.

Can’t you see it?


So very fucking joyful!!


“Really? Seriously? Or are you just saying that?”


Big fake grin for the crowd.

I am happy.

So very very happy.

The news, it fills my heart with joy.

That’s joy right?

I thought so.

Thanks world, you can go home now.

I’ll just sit here for awhile, with my memories, my pictures, my lies, my half truths.

“I got some cookies and juice!!!”

I love you.

I can see you, I turn away, before my happiness overtakes me.

In this moment….

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