Have you ever thought how your nightmares are not only the outlet for some unsolved problems in your life or maybe a reaction to a bad diet or a heavy dinner?
Some people have the nightmares by default, but in case that a person is truly aware of this condition it is not a nightmare but only bad dream.

The nightmares produce the underlying feeling of discomfort, panic, and fear either for our own well-being or for some other, usually, very close person.
The nightmares are usually very fleeting and we tend to forget all about the content just after a few moments as we woke up.

Why am I bringing this unimportant thing to the notion? Well, for the last few days I was having a sort of a dream that I can’t actually call a dream or a nightmare. I am fully aware of what is going on ( that I am having a dream, but I also forget what I was dreaming very soon after I wake up, unless I note it just like now. I can call it a lucid nightmare.
Just last night, just when I thought I dealt finally with it came back to me again.
But, the content was completely different, it contained no scare factor.

It was an empty bus with no driver and it was just driving on its own.
I tried looking outside of the windows but there was nothing outside. The front view was a small patch of the road just in front of the bus’s front lights.
It was a night, I had my usual travel bag with me and everything looked surreal. I expected that a bus has to stop somewhere, but it didn’t happen.



if you have any explanation about this dream, I would like to hear it.

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