When the weather changes everything changes. The temperatures finally went to the comfortable normals, but I don’t know if that is an actual good thing.
Almost a same day the local weather balanced back to the heavenly climate, my health went to hell. Obviously, I can’t stand to see myself out of a trouble, and if nothing else the clogged nose will suffice.
I really hate my immune system, because it reacts to almost everything. It always amazed me how some people never get ill or get il with such a minor symptoms while I have almost everything they are in a devil’s bag to endure.
Also, as some get ill they pass through it so elegantly while I sneeze, die and look awful in every possible way. How can you be good looking when ill? I mean I look like a corpse’s bride while my random coworker looks like an angel with a handkerchief!
I used to work for these self-assured bossy people so whenever I pointed at the fact that my body is literally demolished in front of the whole world to see so it is crucial to get at least a few days off to get my body cooperating, these self-assured ignorant creatures would usually point at that random coworker stating how nicely she manages.
Nobody ill looks like that, so that is not a problem. The problem starts when a person needs a medical attention, which in many cases I truly need.

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