I lost my acct when my computer crashed on me, & had to do without one for awhile
I have been SUPPER busy since I got one to work with & I have to say I’m glad I’m back.

What all have I been doing is building up my crafts that I make, working on redoing the
cabin that I NOW live in cause, when I was LAST on here I was in the trailer in a 8 X 10
bedroom & had NO room to move around in so I decided I’d live by myself in the cabin.

So I have been redoing it where I had a bathroom & sleeping area & craft/computer
space for me to work with & I divided the kitchen off from the rest of the area space
& we have MOST of it done but need a lot more done to be totally done with it all.

But we’re getting there slowly but surely, I’m working on getting my new kitchen
cabinets I done got my 17 piece pots & pans, still have to get my new dish’s & some
other stuff I need for in here to make it feel more like home & being it’s JUST me.



My hubby lives in the trailer so we both have a place of our own now but he don’t
have but a microwave to cook with so being I HAVE the stove & the food in here
& he has very little freezer space to put any food so I cook him up a good meal.

But it’s not a full course meal it’s like a 6 person meal that he can eat for a week
like chicken & dumplings, spaghetti, stew, roast, meat loaf, potato salad, what
ever it is I know he won’t mind eating for the week & he comes over & cooks too.

I have to say since I’ve moved in here & have had a lot of time to my self I don’t
really mind it at all, I have things set up where I can feel at home in here & I’m
NOT scared to live alone, I have my pit bull & my boarder collie/Aussie too.

I’ve been on mylot for the past 2 yrs & have had a blast there & making friends
as well as making some extra $ too with it as well, I’m on Swag bucks trying
to build it up to go with the $ I have saved up on mylot for my cabinets I want.

I’ve had a few health issues pop up on me but nothing serious thank God I’m
in good health for a 60 yr old I have Videos of the work we’ve done in here &
as soon as I can get things in order in here I’ll be making a blog with it to see.

I’ve also been playing the lottery to see if I can’t get a good hit off hit as well
& I just started it up & so far I haven’t had any BIG luck but I have had a little
I just started like 2 months ago & I buy one every 2 weeks on pay day 5$ ones.

So now that you know what I’ve been up to all this time on why I haven’t been
here all this time maybe we can get back on track in getting to know each other
& tell me what I’ve missed on here or what’s been going on I missed either way.



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