There once was a rabbi who, after a terrible storm, was shipwrecked on a small island, alone. He most likely would have died on the shore, but a small tribe of men who called themselves Trids came to his aid.

The Trids were alone on the island and knew no more of the outside world than the outside world knew of them. The rabbi decided to stay with them and teach them (not that he had much choice, being stranded in the middle of nowhere), and the Trids grew rather fond of him.

The rabbi had stayed with the Trids for a couple months when, one day, he saw a small number of the men selected for something he did not understand. The men who were selected looked troubled, and the rabbi decided to follow them.

They went though a forest and up a tall mountain the rabbi had never seen before.



Once they reached the top, the Trids proceeded to stand on the edge of the cliff. The rabbi asked what they were doing, but they wouldn’t answer aside from telling him to leave.

After about 20 minutes, a great giant emerged from a nearby cave. The rabbi was shocked, and was unable to move. He watched as, one by one, the giant began kicking the Trids off of the cliff, and each one simply stood there.

After the last Trid had gone over the edge, the giant turned back toward his cave. Confused and unable to contain himself, the rabbi called, “Aren’t you going to kick me off of the cliff?”

The giant slowly turned, smiled at the little man, and replied, “Silly rabbi, kicks are for Trids!”

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