From a small-scale ice cream parlor, Jollibee had transformed itself into a multinational corporation. Today, the Jollibee Food Corporation has stayed in the food industry for over 35 years and this is all thanks to strategic planning and marketing efforts.

Below is an analysis on the strategic planning of the company.

The company holds the vision to become the dominant number one in the branded eat-out industry. As for its mission, it aims to spread the joy of family by serving superior tasting food. These statements have guided the corporate strategy of the company. Included in the corporate strategy of the company is the huge network of domestic and international stores.

As for its business-unit strategy, the company maintains its key differentiators against its competitors: food, services, and cleanliness and conditions. In its operations, the company aims to provide tasty food, hospitable customer service, and optimum cleanliness and condition during operations. The company’s marketing strategy is to centralize marketing towards Filipino values and concepts of kinship and companionship.

The products of the corporation are provided among over ten of its brands. These products in the food industry include chicken, pizza, burgers, Chinese cuisine and pastries. The marketing mix of the corporation were also well take care of. Distribution involves utilizing its network of branches and stores. The corporation controls over ten brands that is overall distributed through about 3,000 branches in the country and about 1,000 branches out of the country. Its promotion highlights Filipino values and it targets Filipino idealisms of family and friends in advertisements. Pricing is relatively affordable for the average Filipino so that the company would dominate in the food industry. Although there are some brands of the company that are priced higher to promote its premium image.



With the use of strategic planning and excellent marketing, Jollibee has been able to become the industry giant it is today. The success story of Jollibee is a living testament that proper strategic planning and delivery of such strategy can pave the way towards innovation and progress of the company.

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