I have been doing cleaning most of my day because I have my social worker from social services coming tomorrow morning. Hopefully it all gets done on time for her. I know it will lol. Also, had a friend help with a little bit of groceries until I get to the food pantry Thursday at noon. I have been shopping here and there for food so we are trying to keep stock. My husband has to work for 3 hours Saturday which I don’t care because it is money we could use. The weather has been hot again and I am not ready for cool weather or winter lol. What about you? I am also doing a lot of MyLotting but here to keep my account active.
I don’t post much here. Only enough to keep it active now. I have $1.69 and slowly creeping to payout of $5 lol. What about you? I had to get my iPhone speaker fixed last week and costed me nearly $50 to get it fixed. SHFH. I wish sales would pick up. Need the money to pay 2 major credit cards off, 3 if I count Walmart lol. I have 5-6 credit cards but keep up on them very well. I am proud of myself. What about you? Gotta go for now. Later.

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