We are near the first EliteWriters anniversary, too many sites have opened and many had closed, we did survive this blast but we were heavily wounded. Sometimes feeling like the site is falling apart we kept working and saying things will get better sooner or later.

The rhythm of sites opening those days is getting faster, owners think this a profit business or their thoughts that people can be scammed again with different names, or it can be hopes given by admins to their users that we will share with you the 80% profit like some site did. But what if their profit is 10$ in that month for 250 users & only 20% of them requested a payment for 5$, how will they pay?

What makes you sadder is seeing people trusting that newbie sites instantly and joining dispute all the hard work you did & watching them getting scammed and those poor users posting on review sites that all revenue sites are scammers including EW for example without even giving it a shot.


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