You make me want to cry out your name in the middle of the night, to hold you sweetly in the night, to kiss you deeply upon the lips, to make love to you, to hear your mean your moans against my ears.

You are my everything, my life, my soul, my passion, wish to see you upon the bed, to feel your grasps against my skin,to feel your body pulling against mine.

I will fail you, as I always do, but I hope that you kiss me in the night, against the sweet wind, the darkness of the night.

I love you more than I can say, your lips are mine, your body are tribute to me.



To sweetly say your name, my sweet love, I love you more than life, to feel you my greatest life, my sorrow, that you are not here in my arms, to hold you deeply, I will fail you, as I have fail those others in deep passion, a maddening kiss, to leave me, to run away from my holds, fortune lost in my soul, to be held richly by others.

I walked through the meadows, to whisper your name in sweetness, I know you do not like the romantic, a hard fuck, in the night, to hear your gasps, would be my greatest gift, to feel your nails scratch my skin, to hear my name gasped between thrusts, a brilliant gift of love.

I want to be your everything, your night to my day, to show your beast thrusting against my meat, to feel your lips against mine, to feel you against my heat.I

Life against lies, to hear your moans, to hear your love against your lips, madness in twilight, our love, a mystery, a sin against the humanity of the world.

I love you without question, without demand……

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