The original titles and description may or may not drive in an additional traffic to your blog if you own one.
Some people need directions, the tutorials and there is a big possibility that they will visit only one page or open many pages at once.
In the case that you run a certain tutorial blog, always place more links to the similar topics into a text to hold your visitor on your page.
The original title, in this case, has no meaning. People will search through your page to find the alternative solution for their task.

Where to find titles, in case that you have no time to think out one?

If you are out of the juice with the titles or if you can’t cope with the topic because it is so dry and uninteresting maybe you should try a title creator.
You have a title creator on EzineArticles or similar pro writing page. At least they have it before…
The page features only the exceptionally gifted and talented article writers or the experts in the certain fields, but it has a great title creator and you may use it for free.
Another way to find a great title is to visit other article submission pages and learn first hand.
One more way is to get a twitter account and make an interesting twitter statuses into the titles for your blog.

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