I am sleeping as a baby lately, but I have yet to make too many tasks so I don’t understand this sudden change in my sleeping pattern. Must be all that accumulated stress and the weather change.

I would usually sleep for a couple days like a sloth with the bear complex, and then stay awake for another few days or over the weekend for no apparent reason.

Tasks are pending and I finally started to complete them this morning, but it looks like the list has no end. I was never on time anyway, so what the use of getting annoyed now. Some old habits die hard.

As of the bills, they are all taken care of, I still have two of them pending but I will probably transfer cash today, so there is no rush. I have time for my coffee.



The previous couple weeks were not so stressful, as everything was pretty much cool and calm, but it is like dealing with the cold war. You never know when the next set of the ‘circumstances’ will hit you. I am not worried at all. Some things just happen and usually have nothing with me or anything I do.

Weather change is somewhat of a strange these days. I can’t say it got cold so sudden but mornings are not comfortable, and to make it even better for some reason I develop yet another wonderful allergy.

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