It is interesting how things can change quickly, effortlessly and without any additional stresses and confrontations. If you are a lucky person, which I am usually not… But, for some reason, that nice philosophy of life decided to miss my point and I managed to organize my existence around its core without regrets and losses.
The first thing my work has been improved, and if I could say improved by a million it would be quite an understatement. I didn’t change my branch, but I change a way I work. I don’t see the reason to spend hours and hours beating a dead horse, while I can do so many things that yield more than I was currently making at the time.
The second thing,y health is far better with the current diet, I am just sorry I didn’t see it right away. Maybe because I was more focused on the good beings of all the other people besides me. I should have been on a watch for my self more often, than another way around.
As for my personal life, I have nothing to brag about. Everything is pretty much the same, aside from being more clear on how the things should be and not how the things are.
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