Can you hear the memories, the silence is maddening, flying high over low mountains, the decision of time, to beat, to destroy, to try and rebuild.

There was the madness, creeping, slowly at first, then the movement truly begins.

Where are you oh golden moments in the sun? To bask in the light, to sleep in the darkness, as it was meant to be.

I might be becoming something, I am not sure what.



I sit here, late, tired, broken, the stress of life catching up to me, and I want to run away from this life, but the strings of the puppet will not allow me.

Where am I?

Trapped in madness?

The skies are falling,

The rains have ceased.

The night, the bringer of the hard memories, comes in like a scream, silently.

We drown in misery, our time is slowly drifting down, like sand in the hourglass.

The ships are trapped in the sands of time, water gone, the seas gone dry.



Morning rise does not bring relief to a troubled mind.

Where was I?

Piloting a broken ship, on the seas of sand, ahead, always ahead as the wise men say.

To fight the battle, one step at a time, am I worthless? Should I settle into the ever growing sand?

The pain.

The life draining.

Could this be the end?

The Gods say no.

To continue on, forever on, distance in inches, moving slowly, but surely, maybe?

The images dance forward on a broken screen. I scream.

Try to run away, but the only way is forward, into the darkness, no light, monsters.



Ever forward.

No apologies.

A silent scream,

Tears in the rain,

Washed away,


The good,

The bad,

The ugly,

Keeping me alive, another day in paradise.

Another day in Hell.

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